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Policy Details - Psychologists insurance

This section includes full details of the cover provided. Our policy protects you against claims for compensation from clients or from any other party as a result of your psychology work. You would even be protected against a complaint or disciplinary action from a professional body, as our policy covers the costs of defending these proceedings.

You can find out more about our policy and the different options available to you below.

About our policy

Our policy for psychologists is arranged with AXA Insurance plc. Preferential rates are available for members of the British Psychological Society.

Here's more information

  • No excesses to pay if you claim
  • Includes cover for defending BPS complaints and disciplinary action
  • You can work in any location in the world, provided you are based in the UK
  • Specialist legal defence where necessary to defend a claim
  • Includes 24 hour legal helpline

Options available

Choose from £1m, £2m or £5m limit of indemnity

The main exclusions

The policy is designed to cover any civil liability arising from your business - but there are a few specific exclusions:

  • Injuries to employees in the course of their employment with you (employers’ liability insurance can be arranged separately)
  • Business risks such as contracts with suppliers or trading losses
  • Any intentional act, unless this is part of the services you provide
  • Liabilities which should be insured under other types of policy
  • Any claim arising out of work for a business in which you have a controlling interest or for which you can make a major policy decision


For more information on any of our insurance policies, including all exclusions, please see the documents section.

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