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Professional Liability Insurance for ACS Distance Education Students

If you are sued by a client for compensation as a result of your work, professional liability insurance can help you defend the claim and pay for damages awarded against you, as well as your legal defence costs.

Towergate Professional Risks is aware that one policy does not meet everyone’s requirements. That is why we have developed a number of relationships with insurers to provide polices that are tailored towards your occupation.

Frequently asked questions

These are frequently asked questions we are often asked about professional liability insurance. Please call us if you can’t find the answer to your question.

Is it essential that I take out professional liability insurance?

It’s not compulsory but claims for damages are on the increase and many professional associations therefore recommend their members to arrange it. Some associations even insist on members having professional liability insurance in place before they can become a member.

Am I covered if I see clients at home?

Yes, the policy covers you to work at or from any location, provided that you live, and are based in the UK. This includes your home, and the cover is not restricted in any way by working from home. You may find however that your home insurers restrict or invalidate your home insurance if you have business visitors to your home. If this is the case, Towergate has a special ‘Homeworkers’ insurance policy which will cover you to see clients at home.

What happens if I make a claim?

Towergate will help you through the claims process and work with you to get a settlement from the insurer. With our in-depth knowledge of the policy cover and our strong relationships with the insurers, we’re well placed to ensure that you and your business get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Do I need to pay any legal costs up front?

No. The insurers will appoint solicitors, where appropriate, to represent you and will pay them directly. You do not need to make any payments to solicitors.

Who are Towergate Professional Risks?

Towergate Professional Risks are part of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited - the largest independently owned insurance intermediary in Europe. We use our size and the strength of our relationships with insurers to help our clients get the right cover and the right service at a competitive price.

Why should I arrange my insurance through you?

The benefits of arranging your professional liability insurance through Towergate Professional Risks include:
  • Our strong relationship with major insurers - we can negotiate competitive rates for you
  • Our high level of ongoing service
  • Our many years’ experience of running such schemes - we understand your profession and the risks you face and ensure that the cover we offer meets your needs as a professional

What does ‘limit of indemnity’ mean?

The limit of indemnity is the maximum amount the insurer will pay out to defend a compensation claim. Legal costs are payable in addition to this amount. If for example you had a limit of indemnity of £1m we would pay up to £1m in damages, plus your legal costs.

What level of cover do I need?

With legal costs and the likelihood of being sued increasing, you should consider as much cover as you can afford. Your own personal circumstances will also have a bearing on the amount of cover you may need. If, for example, you work on clients’ premises - especially corporate clients - they may insist on you having a certain level of insurance in place.

Where does the policy allow me to work?

The policy allows you to work at any premises in the world (provided that your main residence is in the UK), be they your own, or those of your client or a third party.
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